Main Office:

(312) 726-7300

...Client-Centered philosophy of service

Our working relationship with clients rests on three principles:

  • Collaboration with clients on all activities.
    We undertake no work without the approval and input of the client. Some tasks are essential to prepare a case properly; others are discretionary and can be deferred until trial is imminent. By making this distinction and developing a litigation plan with the client, we satisfy two important concerns: quality and expense.
  • Reporting and communication that's responsive and consistent. All telephone calls and e-mails are returned promptly, usually the same day. We strictly comply with the reporting requirements of all clients. As a professional courtesy, we also provide free telephone consultations on claims not yet in suit. We are happy to help clients select experts, to advise them on recorded statements, to offer preliminary options, and to answer questions on Illinois, Wisconsin or Indiana law.
  • Compensation practices that complement how our clients do business.

Because we have the expertise to do all the activities our clients require-and do them right, the first time-we hold ourselves to the highest standards of productivity. Being experienced means being efficient. And being efficient means being cost effective.